As we introduce the War Room blog, we thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know who we are and what NGC Markets is all about.

At NGC Markets we want our platform to provide a true marketplace of ideas where the private capital market decides which companies bring the most innovation, the best teams, and the best business models, irrespective of archaic notions like geographical boundaries and rolodexes. If you have an idea or innovation, are located anywhere in the world, or belong to a specific industry, we have a way for you to market your opportunity. NGC allows the market to weigh in and either be receptive or reject your business model.

In years past, 90 percent of all private capital occurred within 100 miles of the investor source, according to the Census department. In today’s online age, the world is smaller and global reach is much more common. NGC helps to facilitate that global funding network rather than the old way of only investing locally.

How is NGC Different Than Your Competitors For Growth Stage Funding?

There are three main reasons why NGC is different. For one, our selection of inventory is significantly larger. Compared to other investing platforms, our pricing structure is significantly lower. Then you have the fact that we have a data repository and independent analysis.

We also have made it easier for private companies to register with us by creating a general profile, a distinct data room, or have an assessment structure. This assessment is led by third-party brands in legal, finance, industry experts, organization, plus insurance/risk. These assessment brands are leading global brands that feel passionate about the next generation of entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is the Difference Between Crowd Funding and NGC?

The critical difference is the investor type. With crowd funding the investor is an individual. With NGC, we specialize in the institutional investor. We define institutional investors as private equity, venture capital, corporate venture, family offices, insurance and banking, investment banking, and other investment firm types.

The other big difference is that typically crowd funding ventures are low range or are under $2M. NGC investment thresholds tend to be higher and our capital raise ranges from $1M-$150M — an excellent amount for growth stage funding.

There are some great brands that focus on the individual investor and crowd funding within the marketplace currently, and we feel that our niche of the institutional investor is truly underserved.

What is a General Profile of a Company that would Want to Use Your Services?

Companies that are most suitable for the NGC Marketplace are ready for a real conversation with investors, and they have the organizational, fiduciary, and business execution in place to support those discussions.  And this can happen with companies regardless of stage, whether they are early, growth, or exit, and regardless of industry.  NGC has a dynamic Marketplace that all companies can leverage to excited the institutional investors within our private network.

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